Time of Fallow

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and the main reason for this is that I have just come out of a long period of enforced isolation due to a hip, which kept me housebound. I am now free of the pain and very grateful to have a new hip, which allows me to return to the joy of mobility and all that this brings. I feel as if I have been reconnected with the world. I also have the feeling of wanting to make up for all the times I couldn’t get out and enjoy nature and my life as it was before the pain.

At the same time as I am pushing to forge ahead my body and situations around me are telling me in no uncertain terms that it is not time to push forward too quickly. I picked a card today, which truly resonated with the place I am in. The title was “Time of Fallow” from a beautiful pack of cards called “Soulful Woman”. It held the message beautifully that I should “honour my time of fallow as a spiritual time – a time to rest in the nurturing darkness.” Even though this felt as if I was returning to the place of enforced isolation I could feel the message deep within me. Ignoring the wisdom of the Universe and even more so, the wisdom of my body, I was missing out on a special gift.

I know I am not alone in this feeling of needing to push forwards and it is understandable given where we all are at the moment in the situation in the world. Perhaps we need to remember that healing does not occur in our time, but in a space beyond our concept of time. Our need to push forwards does not honour the Divine Feminine principles of “being” rather than “doing”. In going slower we are much more in touch with the inner wisdom, which flows through us. Perhaps by being too quick to move forwards we may miss a message, which could change our lives. The creative force , which resides within us, may just be trying to direct us into a new and beautiful space.

I am listening to the call of the “Time of Fallow” as the year slowly moves into autumn. I am able to nurture myself and merge more easily with the flow of nature. There is no rush…

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