My name is Alison Strandberg and I have been working as a holistic practitioner for eighteen years. Over the years I have trained in many different modalities and learned a great deal from wise teachers.

The underlying belief in my work is that we are all wounded in some way, but we all have the inner strength to heal and become whole again. In all areas I work in, whether body, mind or soul, I am guided by the intuitive voice within, which dwells in all of us and which will walk with us and show us the way forward whenever we listen.

These three words sum up how I would like you to experience the way I work with you.

Compassion: bringing a sense of holding a client in a compassionate and healing space.

Connection: being in tune with the voice within, which leads with grace and understanding.

Creativity: being open to new areas of healing work in whichever way it comes, be it by way of the hands, the voice or the pen.

As of January, 2016 I will be an article writer for “Sibyl”, an international, online, spiritual magazine for women, providing inspiration for the spirit and soul. You will find the article at www.SibylMagazine.com. You may also find inspiration and guidance in my blog.

I  have very recently published a book, “A Songbird Whose Name is Love”, which is a channelled remembrance of a previous life lived in the Middle Ages.The story is told through the voice of the nun, Cecile de Martin, who, as well as telling her story,gives deep  spiritual insights. See blog post September, 2016 for more information. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.


I am able to connect with you, using Mind and Soul therapies, wherever you are in the world, using Skype. I am also fluent in Swedish, having studied Swedish at university and having lived in Sweden for many years.