Cacao Ceremonies

In October 2021 I became a Cacao ceremony facilitator. Cacao is a sacred plant medicine and a heart opener. Cacao has been used as a spiritual and physical healer for thousands of years by indigenous tribes in South America. When the Spanish took cacao back to Europe it became chocolate and the medicinal properties were lost with the addition of cow’s milk.

Cacao is a superfood full of antioxidants and many other nutritional properties. It also has the highest plant based source of iron known to man. It contains the stimulant theobromine, which means “food of the gods”.

In a Cacao ceremony we share a space where we drink cacao together having stated our intentions in working with Mama Cacao. It is a space to go deeper and to accept the wisdom shared within the ceremony through movement and meditation. Each ceremony is individual and has a specific focus. Deep insights and deep healing may be received during ceremony.

Cacao is a large part of my life now and I certainly have felt the benefits over the last few years. There is a calmness, a feeling of being held and supported and a deeper sense of purpose. The Cacao goddess was seen as the goddess of fertility and abundance and there is indeed a feeling of abundance, which radiates from Mama Cacao.

I have been running cacao ceremonies on Zoom, but will also be holding in person ceremonies. It is also possible to have an individual ceremony, where we can work together within the ceremony to incorporate specific healing techniques. Cacao ceremonies can also be offered for birthdays and many other celebrations.