Animal Communication

I  have paired my experience in complementary therapies with my love of animals, bringing clarity to unresolved issues between the animal and its owner.This has been mainly working with horses, but I am also able to work with other animals.

Using Reiki as a means of connecting to the animal’s energy field and also intuition, I can then tune in and receive messages from the animal, overcoming “language” barriers between them and the people who care for them, as well as giving the animal the benefits of a Reiki treatment.

Training in Reiki can be a way of helping your animal through difficult times, whether this is due to illness or a behavioural problem. It is possible to treat the animal on a daily basis, which can prevent problems occurring and help to counteract behavioural problems. There is no limit to how often to treat with Reiki and the animal itself will soon let you know when it has had enough.

EFT can also be used with animals to help relieve emotional and physical problems. When working with an animal it is beneficial to use EFT for both the animal and the person who cares for it, as issues can be intertwined. Subsequently both the animal and the person who cares for it can benefit and a mutually improved relationship can evolve.

A vet must, of course, always be consulted regarding the health of the animal and animal communication is  complementary  to this.



“Alison has communicated with a number of horses on our yard over the years, transferring knowledge from horse to owner in a sensitive manner. At times, her insights have been funny,at times distressing and at times revelationary; in other words, they have reflected what the horse has experienced or is fixated on and this can be incredibly useful in solving behavioural or training issues.”

(Lorna Anderson, BHS Approved Livery Yard owner)