People come in and out of our lives all the time. I will be eternally grateful to Alison for flowing into my life with such gentleness and changing my life forever. Alison would answer all my questions and still continues to answer my endless supply of questions with such patience and understanding. She knew what … More D C


I visited Alison to undergo an attunement and learning on Reiki 1. I consider Alison to be one of the most genuine, honest, compassionate and warm people I have ever met. I find the quality of teaching and support from Alison to be first class, and have always felt that she is very giving of … More KM


I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki I & II training with Alison; she has a rare ability to empathise with a roomful of people on their own, very different, levels and ensure that each person receives what they’re looking for from the training.


A fantastic woman, in every sense of the word. I met her some years ago in relation to an accident and she taught me about the power of energies in shaping our lives and the great positive effect they can have when channelled in the right way. I completed the Reiki 1 course and can really … More C H


Having known Alison for a number of years i have found her to be the most caring and giving person I know. She is a wonderful tutor in the many skills that she imparts, always patient,understanding and encouraging. As for any concerns that you may have, she will listen and help you as best she … More M W


Alison has such a warm and friendly personality that going for a healing session with her is a joy and something I really look forward to. She has a great gift and real knack for getting to the heart of things in a gentle and light way so that traumas and problems are resolved without … More GM


Alison is a gifted healer. She helped me to address some challenging issues in my relationships and the changes which ensued after our sessions together were outstanding, bringing me closure and greater peace of mind.


After having met Alison, I can safely say that my life was guided and transformed in the most positive of ways with her help. As a trained scientist, it was instilled in me to question everything and never accept matters without proof. All the techniques that Alison and I worked with over many years and … More Dr. M

Dr. M

Alison’s guidance over the years has alway been spot on in her accuracy and I am amazed at the ease with which she does it. Her intuitive work is second to none and I would highly recommend going to see her, whether for a card reading or receiving channeled guidance. Alison is really tuned into … More NC


I met Alison in 2010 when I was struggling with the relationship I was in and with my own personal issues. Since we met, Alison has been one of the kindest people I know and has given me a lot of support, compassion, love and guidance.I have received intuitive guidance, Gamma Healing, a Soul Plan … More M C


I have attended many of Alison’s workshops and every one, without exception, has been very enjoyable and helpful to my spiritual growth. The last one I attended was the “Pure and Simple” workshop. Being slightly sceptical but curious,and also a visit to Alison’s always being enlightening and fun, I attended the workshop with an open … More MF


EW I have known Alison for a number of years and participated in her courses. Alison works to a very high standard, is expert in her field with a huge knowledge of her subjects. She creates a very supportive, empowering and safe environment in her groups which supports everyone in exploring and unleashing their potential. … More EW


Alison is in the business of what Professor Ann Master calls ‘Ordinary Magic’. The courses she facilitates and delivers allow people to connect on a deep level, create empowerment, community, deeper understanding and ultimately build resilience. And the effect is sustained through everyday lived life. Dorothy C Le Grove Le Grove Media & Training   “


I have been experiencing Family and Ancestral Constellation Therapy with Alison for over 3 years now.  I have participated in Group work, had 1 to 1 sessions in her beautiful home and more recently, remote sessions by means of video call.   What can I say? …. Every occasion and approach she has used has … More FS