Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance is a way of accessing spiritual knowledge, which can help you to gain insights into all areas of your life, including issues, which appear to be blocking your progress. This takes place with the help of oracle and angel cards. I also use inspirational writing to answer questions you may wish answers for.

Intuitive guidance is given as a means to aid the client in attaining clarity in their life, resolving problems and restoring balance. The sessions can be profound healing experiences.


“Alison has a real gift for making you feel at ease and working in a way that is gentle, but insightful. I have had a few sessions with her and have felt uplifted and clearer in my direction as a result. Alison’s method is to work with the whole person and to support you to make the breakthroughs and realisations that are needed. What I really like though, is that Alison works with you as a partner and helps you to uncover and be aware of the “What”, that is to say the issue, then works intuitively with a range of tools to help you reach the “How” ie how you will address the issue. Alison draws on her wisdom and experience and has a person centred approach. Her humour helps to lighten the session and you leave feeling empowered and feeling you have achieved something important. I worked with Alison on some family issues I had and can say, with conviction, that I now have a better approach and relationship with my family. I continue to work with Alison  as I feel her sessions are effective, compassionate, creative and empowering. JG

Alison’s guidance over the years has always been spot on in her accuracy and I am amazed at the ease with which she does it. Her intuitive work is second to none and I would highly recommend going to see her, either for a card reading or channelled guidance. Alison is really tuned in to her guides and angels, so her information comes straight from the highest beings of love. NC