The Baskets of Joy

Another sunny day after the rain. Isn’t it strange how a ray of sunshine can completely change the way we view our day. These words felt appropriate today. I hope they resonate with you. “Love exists in every thought, every feeling and every image, which awakens joy, compassion and a stirring of hope in your … More The Baskets of Joy

The Ways of Love

The sound of bells is either  a soft and tinkling one or one, which can be sombre and full of pomp and awe. It is so with many things in the Universe. There is one context with many meanings. Such is love: there is deep love, shallow love, requited love, unrequited love, shameful love, love … More The Ways of Love


Another inspirational message from “my light within”. I hope it helps you too. Trying to attain peace is not possible. Peace is received when you let go and do not expect an outcome. Standing tall in your own truth, in your own self and accepting that all that you are is the way to find … More Peace

Self -love

It has been a very long time since I wrote a blog post. Life just seemed to take me in other directions, but I never doubted that the need to write would catch up with me again and so here I am. Outside it is raining and a bit grey, but the greyness outside allows … More Self -love


A word on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment. Over the last few weeks  I have felt as if I was being pulled along on a trolley by some unseen hand. At first it felt acceptable, but as time went on it began to feel as if I really did not have any … More Uncertainty