Soul Plan Readings

Are you looking for direction in your life? Do you have a sense that there is a specific purpose in your life, but can’t quite grasp what it is? Would you like to understand why your life has worked out the way it has and where it might be going?

These and many other deep spiritual understandings can come to light during a Soul Plan reading. A reading will bring clarity and structure to your life, enabling you to enhance your talents and to provide ways of dealing with challenges, both in a worldly and spiritual way.

A Soul Plan reading is based on the sound vibration of your birth name. The method is derived from ancient texts, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar, which describe creation as originating from letters of light, each of which has a corresponding sound.

Soul Plan originated in the teachings of Dr. Frank Alper (1930-2007), who introduced the “Numerology of Moses”, a method of gematria, using channelled symbols and interpretations. Blue Marsden has now modernised this system and added additional channelled material to what is now the Soul Plan system.

Soul Plan testimonials:

“There is so much detail in Soul Plan and I am feeling a sense of “it’s all ok, all is going as intended.” Such a burden off my mind. The sense of freedom that comes from being acknowledged and having your habits/phobias/issues/challenges acknowledged to be let go of, is huge. I can’t thank you enough for this. It’s beyond expectation and hugely valuable in moving beyond limiting/negative beliefs.”LE

“Working with Alison on this new approach has been fabulous. The Soul Plan sets out your purpose and challenges in life, which help to pinpoint areas in life, where some work is needed. Alison uses her intuition to assist and empower you to work through and change inhibiting beliefs. This has been really powerful in helping me to change some of my limiting beliefs and behaviours. It has been a joy to work with Alison on my Soul Plan and I will return to this over time, as I have found it valuable to know how I think and behave.” JG