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Regular workshops

Pure and Simple

Are you sensitive to other people’s energy? Do you sometimes feel tired or drained when you are with certain people? Do your moods change rapidly from a high to a low? Are you struggling to retain higher energy levels?

If so you may be too open to other people’s energies, as many of us are. Using a variety of techniques this workshop will give you tools to take away to help you discern what is yours and what is not and how to bring your energy back into balance.

The Magic of Intuition

Have you ever wondered why you “just know” certain things? Do you trust your hunches or do you discount these feelings? What would it be like if you were to tap into a source of wisdom helping you to trust this inner knowing? By way of meditation, imagery and helpful techniques, this workshop will help you learn how to use your inner voice to bring solutions, clarity and more ease into your life.

Embracing Creativity

Open up to the creativity, which dwells within. Through inspirational writing, guided meditation, mandalas and other techniques, we will work towards unleashing your hidden creative magician.

Working with Angels (The Blessing)

This workshop combines learning how to work with the angels, with a powerful Angelic attunement. The Blessing was received by Edwin Courtenay and is intended to be passed on once the attunement is received. The attunement  can be used to heal mind, body, heart and spirit and was given as a gift from the Divine in order to help humanity to help themselves, others and the world.

The Orange Tent

In this time of unsettling and chaotic energies, as we navigate more and more into the Divine Feminine energies, we all need a sense of connection and belonging to anchor strengthen us. I am hosting a workshop to offer a space to connect with other women, who are seeking support through these changing times.

We will work with the energies of the Divine Feminine in exploring our connection to the rhythms and cycles we, as women, are part of. We will explore the power of the moon and how to harness her powers, look at our ancestral connections especially the mother line and connect with our inner children to find ways to work through blockages and regain a sense of peace.

I am hopeful that this workshop can lead to several at specific times of the year, to honour the Feminine and to share each others’ special gifts and talents.



Numerology is the study of numbers and the impact they have on our lives. By studying the numbers in your birth date and the letters in your name, each letter corresponding to a specific number, it is possible to understand where your strengths and challenges may lie. Each number has a specific meaning, both  positive and  negative. Once you have identified your strengths and challenges this can help you to understand yourself and others more easily. Numbers can help you to gain insights into many situations in your daily life and you will find yourself seeing them everywhere. This is a four part course, but you can choose to attend all four workshops or part one on its own.



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