Family/Ancestral Constellations

Family/Ancestral Constellation Therapy

What is Family/Ancestral Constellation therapy?

Every family has its own secrets, which are not spoken of. Every family has events, which have happened in the past, which are hidden away, seemingly forgotten, never to be spoken of. As these secrets remain hidden within the family field, the memories of what has happened and what has not been fully acknowledged, wind themselves down through the generations. Patterns, events  or the exclusion of a family member can have a huge effect on your own life  and can explain behavioural patterns and blockages in your life .

By using constellation work, patterns can be changed, secrets can be revealed and acknowledged and a sense of calm and acceptance can be reached. This method of family constellation work was established by Bert Hellinger and is based on the inter-connectedness of all things. It relates to going back through the generations in order to find the origin of the distress and by acknowledging “the unseen” areas within the family, allowing each person to have an equal place of belonging in the family.

I trained with Nikki MacKay ( and use this amazing work in my practice, with great effect.

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