Reiki is a healing system, which, in Japanese, means universal life force energy. The healing energy of Reiki flows through the hands of the practitioner to the person receiving healing. During a treatment the client may feel heat, tingling and a deep sense of relaxation.

Reiki helps to reduce stress and tension in the body, aids pain relief and at a deeper level, can help to ease emotional imbalances, as it works on the physical, mental,emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki is also a powerful tool for personal growth and improving quality of life. It is possible to be attuned to Reiki, which means that you receive an attunement or initiation from a Reiki Master, someone who has trained to the highest level of Reiki. Once this attunement has been received, Reiki is present with you for the rest of your life.

The most important benefit of a Reiki attunement is being able to use Reiki for self-healing. If you have been attuned to Level One you may also treat friends and family, as well as pets. Level Two is practitioner level and at this level you can choose to become a practitioner and treat members of the public. Often people choose to be attuned to Reiki Two in order to be able to send healing to people at a distance and not everyone chooses to become a practitioner. With each level of Reiki, the Reiki healing energy becomes more powerful.

As a Reiki Master, I have been attuning people to Reiki since 2000 and , as such, have been privileged to see how Reiki has changed people’s lives in a very positive way both inwardly and outwardly.

I hold a monthly Reiki share for students, where participants can give and receive Reiki and I am available for attunements to all levels of Reiki. A follow-up session is always included three weeks after each attunement. Being able to share one’s experiences afterwards, due to the inner “cleanse”, which takes place, is very important within the process. At Master level, ongoing support and the opportunity to practice and gain experience over a period of time is part of the training.

Reiki testimonials:

“At my first Reiki session I was unsure what to expect, however, Alison put me at my ease, allowing me to relax and enjoy my first Reiki experience. This led me to want to know more about Reiki. I am so pleased Alison guided me through my journey of Reiki 1, as this has equipped me with the ability to cope more with my emotional rollercoaster, which is a much gentler ride these days , rather than the terror ride of the black hole.A wonderful warm welcome awaits everyone who meets Alison. I know my life is so much richer from sharing my journey with her.”

“Alison is a fantastic Reiki Master teacher, who provided me with comprehensive information and background and who led me through the necessary steps with dignity, serenity and grace. Reiki now forms a vital part of my daily rituals and to which I turn to when the daily grind and stress of life affect the harmony in life. Thank you once again, Alison, for all your help.”   Dr. M

“Alison is a powerful healer, who has a range of methods, which she uses to achieve the best outcome for your needs. She is practical with a great sense of humour, which makes you feel at ease and more willing to open up. I chose Alison’s course at the Advanced Reiki level, as I knew she would provide a lovely learning environment with other like-minded people. Alison is very gifted in explaining the unexplainable in simple ways and giving practical solutions, which suit all learning styles. Alison’s Reiki energy is very powerful and during the healing session I felt my aches and pains drift away, as well as my mind clearing. Alison works on a physical and spiritual level, which appeals to me, as her ethos is about treating the whole person, not just the physical ailments. Alison is an excellent teacher, who is always learning herself and passing on her knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend Reiki training with Alison as well as the other workshops she offers.”  JG

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki One and Reiki Two training with Alison; she has a rare ability to empathise  with a roomful of people on their own, very different levels and ensure that each person receives what they are looking for from the training.”  LA