Gamma Healing

Would you like to eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear and doubt?

Using this amazing method of energy psychology you can do just this, while achieving your goals and rebalancing your life by way of a simple, but profound technique.

Most of us live our lives with limiting beliefs, which stop us from reaching our full potential. Often we are not even aware of the old programmes running in our heads, which can be beliefs we took on as children and throughout our lives and which are long out of date. These beliefs can be self-sabotaging and may contain negative messages, which hinder us from experiencing joy and fulfilment in our lives.

By first using muscle testing to highlight negative beliefs, a simple belief change process is undertaken. During this process a limiting belief is changed to a positive on. The procedure works quickly and as simply as you would delete an old computer programme and add a new one. The technique can be used for negative beliefs in any area of life i.e health, relationships, self-esteem and prosperity. As the root cause is changed, the changes are lasting and life is perceived from a new and positive perspective.