Soul Coaching

Working with Colour

Everyone reacts to colour in a different way. We may love one specific colour, but be repelled by another. When we learn to understand the language of colour, we can use it to heal areas of pain and bring colour back into our lives.

Tie Cutting

This is a method used to release ties to people and situations that keep us bound. When we let go, we create a new space for the positive to enter into our lives. Profound changes have come about after such tie cuttings.IMG_2986

Past Lives

Sometimes the source of a problem may lie further back in a previous life, causing us to re-frame an issue from the past into this life. This may cause unnecessary suffering, until we recognise that the issue that is causing the problem is no longer relevant in the life we are now living. We can then let go and start to heal.Chapel at Scone Palace

 Family Constellation Work

What is Family Constellation?

Every family has its own secrets, which are not spoken of. Every family has events, which have happened in the past, which are hidden away, seemingly forgotten, never to be spoken of. As these secrets remain hidden within the family field, the memories of what has happened and what has not been fully acknowledged, wind themselves down through the generations. Patterns, events  or the exclusion of a family member can have a huge effect on your own life  and can explain behavioural patterns and blockages in your life .

By using constellation work, patterns can be changed, secrets can be revealed and acknowledged and a sense of calm and acceptance can be reached. This method of family constellation work was established by Bert Hellinger and is based on the inter-connectedness of all things. It relates to going back through the generations in order to find the origin of the distress and by acknowledging “the unseen” areas within the family, allowing each person to have an equal place of belonging in the family.

I trained with Nikki MacKay ( and use this amazing work in my practice, with great effect.

Hiding Flowers




Speaking the Language of the Soul

I have recently been guided to use this method, which I have called “Speaking the Language of the Soul”. Over the last few years I have been working closely, as well as training with, Nikki MacKay, (, in family and past life constellation work. As part of the follow-up to a session with Nikki, I was asked to stand on a piece of paper representing what had come up during a constellation, in this case anger. I then wrote what I felt while standing on the paper. As I wrote I was aware of a voice speaking through the words I was writing and the experience was very powerful and emotional. Once I had acknowledged the voice and allowed the healing to take place, things started to change in my life.

I used the method several times and found it very healing. I was then asked to use this with a friend, with very powerful and positive results. I am now using this method on a regular basis. Each time it is as if a voice from the past speaks and allows the person to see what is being mirrored in their life now.

” Alison has a wonderfully warm, calming and caring presence, which always underpins her way of working. I have had many sessions with her, sometimes for something, which has been out of sorts on a physical level and also more recently to illuminate things for me on a spiritual level. She did this by “tuning in” to my particular issue and sent me the results of what she had intuitively written. She then backed this up by calling me to discuss more fully and advised that to participate more fully myself, I should speak the words, which she had intuited. This I did and found the whole process very emotional and very powerful. It has changed things for me at a very deep level and I am looking forward to working with Alison again.” GMIMG_4796