_DSC0011I have not been writing this blog for some time due to personal circumstances. Recently my beloved parents passed away within weeks of each other. While this brings great sorrow and deep loss, there is also a sense of sweet relief and inner joy that they are now reunited, whole and at peace.

When death, the great transition, comes close and envelops a loved one in its billowing clouds, the heart within us breaks as we see our connection to them disappear. We grieve so desperately for the beloved, whom we no longer can look upon. The energy within us changes and transforms. The heavier vibration, which we feel when we are physically present with other humans, changes and becomes airier. We feel desolated and at sea. There is no harbour to return to and we float as if cast off never to find a safe haven again. The tillerman of old is gone and there is no true direction in one’s life any longer.

This of course is only an illusion, as you then become the tillerman, like the geese who fly in a V formation. When the leading goose tires the geese flying behind take over. The geese cannot see the ones behind, but they know they are there aiding and supporting. Perhaps this is why the skeins of geese affect us so deeply within. We see in them our loved and beloved lost ones, who are only awaiting us to join them once again for rest and peace, until once more it is time for each of us to take the lead again.

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