20140622_103328Once again it has been a while since I wrote and it has been due to circumstances beyond my control and relates to issues to do with my health. This message came to help me to understand why I had gone through what I had gone through:

Transformation comes in many unexpected ways. Deep inside we ask for change, we beg for solutions and yet when the knowledge from within comes to us we stop listening and shut off our ears. We bargain for the type of change we are able to accept or even worse, we are not prepared even to bargain – “we are in control”.

Oh how often we bleat about the need for change, the need to be able to restructure our lives and all the while we refuse to relinquish control. Then one day the powers of love say,”Enough!” and a solution to the inner needs we are ignoring is made manifest. We are in shock, we balk at what life presents us with and  then gently, wisely and with great love and acceptance we see the Plan that has been revealed to us, far from the ego’s need for control.The solution may seem mad to our logical way of looking at it, but on a deeper level, on a soul level, we recognise what we have already planned and we see the Grace of Spirit within the happening.

Always in circumstances that come upon us swiftly and with no planning we can see a greater hand holding the reins, graciously and lovingly holding us in safe keeping. Love is always there steering and guiding us in the direction we know  deep inside to be the right one.

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