People come in and out of our lives all the time. I will be eternally grateful to Alison for flowing into my life with such gentleness and changing my life forever. Alison would answer all my questions and still continues to answer my endless supply of questions with such patience and understanding. She knew what I was going through without me saying a word, as I questioned my whole life. At my first Reiki session I was unsure of what to expect, however, Alison put me at ease, allowing me to relax and enjoy my first Reiki experience. This led me to wanting to know more about Reiki. I am so pleased Alison guided me through my journey of Reiki 1, as this has equipped me with the ability to cope more with my emotional rollercoaster, which is a much gentler ride these days rather than the terror ride of the black hole. I know I will continue on to Reiki 2, however there is no pressure to do so and gives me something else to look forward to. A wonderful warm welcome awaits everyone who meets Alison, I know my life is so much richer from sharing my journey with Alison. Thank you Alison.