Dr. M

After having met Alison, I can safely say that my life was guided and transformed in the most positive of ways with her help. As a trained scientist, it was instilled in me to question everything and never accept matters without proof. All the techniques that Alison and I worked with over many years and the ensuing results all gave me absolute certainty and faith in all of Alison’s fantastic gifts: intuition, healing, teaching and counselling skills, mediumship, nurturance, and Reiki Mastery. I was directed to Alison in a time of fear, uncertainty and loss in my life following the sudden death of my father. She ushered me through very difficult times with wise counsel and intuitive guidance and helped me discover how to best help myself along the way, perhaps the best gift that anyone could receive. With a further desire to self heal I requested if Alison would train me in the first Level of the Usui Reiki system. Alison is a fantastic Reiki Master teacher, who provided me with comprehensive information and background and who led me through the necessary steps with dignity, serenity, and grace. Reiki now forms a vital part of my daily rituals and to which I turn to when the daily grinds and stress of life affect the harmony in my life. Thank you once again Alison for all your help.