I have been experiencing Family and Ancestral Constellation Therapy with Alison for over 3 years now.  I have participated in Group work, had 1 to 1 sessions in her beautiful home and more recently, remote sessions by means of video call.   What can I say? …. Every occasion and approach she has used has turned out to be the most wholesome, nourishing, grounding, illuminating, insightful, healing and caring experience.   I have learned so much from Alison that touches, nurtures and heals all aspects of my life.  Alison’s work has a profound impact, the magic of which continues to unfold long after a session, and can be seen and felt across the family constellation.  She is deeply empathic and intuitive, always making you feel safe, welcome and effortlessly understood.  Ancestors really do speak through us when we are helped to give voice to their wounds.  Alison and her work is so needed currently and when the going gets tough, I know where to turn.  Looking forward to my next session!