I met Alison in 2010 when I was struggling with the relationship I was in and with my own personal issues. Since we met, Alison has been one of the kindest people I know and has given me a lot of support, compassion, love and guidance.I have received intuitive guidance, Gamma Healing, a Soul Plan reading and other healing treatments Alison felt would benefit me.She really looks at the whole person and uses all her knowledge and experience to guide the individual in the most suitable way. Receiving treatments from Alison has helped me enormously. She helped me discover my true self, taught me to trust myself and follow my heart.

Gamma Healing is an incredible technique and amazing in the way it reveals subconscious beliefs. I was able to understand the subconscious beliefs, which were holding me back from living the life I wanted. I could then work on changing them to positive ones. The Soul Plan reading was also extremely beneficial. Alison is very intuitive and gave so many accurate pieces of information about me and my life. She also explained what my Soul Plan is, which made a lot of sense and helped me greatly at a time I felt  lost, in particular in my career. Her ongoing  support and kindness helped me to make difficult decisions, which in the end led me to a happier life.

I met Alison five years ago and this was the beginning of an important chapter in my spiritual journey ( I did not know it back then!).Now I have changed career and become an energy healer!

I am still in touch with Alison, who gives me great advice and inspiration. She is a genuinely loving and kind soul and I am deeply grateful I met her.