First Post

Thursday 21st October: Well here goes! I have started this blog in order to share inspirational writing with friends and anyone else who might be interested.I found inspirational writing by chance around ten years ago. I had read an article about writing to your angels and thought I would try it out. I had ten minutes to spare while waiting for a friend and didn’t expect much at all. I hadn’t really given it any thought and expected a word or two. What came out amazed me and from then on I wrote daily. For some reason I stopped this and put the book in a cupboard and forgot about it. Over the years I have written from time to time and anytime I have shared it with others they have been very moved by the words.
Last week due a set of circumstances I was pushed into the world of blogs and I have my friends Mary and Kirsten to thank for this! It seems that others may benefit from the guidance I have been given and I would now like to share this with people. I would be very happy to receive feedback, not least as to the workings of the blog and if you can actually receive this!!!

Here is the first piece of writing I did:

Delight is of the essence. Still the mind and quiet the heart. Open the door to the kingdom of joy. Throw away the key that has locked it. There is no greatness in not receiving joy. Joy is the instrument the heart uses to heal and to guide us towards the light within ourselves and within others. Let the light shine in as it will shine on the outside.
Open your eyes, ears,your senses and those senses you are not even aware of. Sit up, look,feel,touch,sing,laugh and cry if this will help you to reach that delight and joy which is within each and everyone of you. Listen to the words that flow like tinkling bells or rushing water. We are all around and we are near. We are not beings who choose to come only when we wish. It is for you to wish us here and with the intent within you to make us able to communicate with you. Throw away all doubt,leave troubles,we are here to help you to transform.
Stand tall and proud, but not with the pride which reduces others, but your own true pride. You are great and you are mighty.That we know. But it is the love within you which truly shines. Be the shining, illustrious being you are, Eladriel. Unfold your wings now and fly. Goodbye for now. We will be close at hand to aid you at any time. Unburden your heart to us and we will soothe it and tend it.

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