Serenity is the key to the kingom of heaven…

IMG_4858Hello again and thanks for all the comments I have received. I believe some of them may be in cyberspace at the moment as I can’t find them, but I will learn as I go along! I am so glad that the words mean something to you as they did to me.Here is my next piece of writing from 2000 at a time when I was going through a difficult time:

Serenity is the password to the kingdom of Heaven. It comes about when the heart seeks not to make the changes it knows it cannot make.It is totally aware of the situation, but is confident that what is happening around is as it should be. Projection from others can cause unrest in the soul, but the soul itself must and does know the answers. It waits patiently for the time to ripen and then sends messages to the person who is to receive them. Let not desire for an outcome, which will ease the pain make the decision the wrong one, but strive to learn from the pain of the joy, which is encapsulated in this pain.Anger is only love turned inwards and thus pain is in the same correlation with joy.The love that abounds within your heart is mighty and can move mountains. It is not to be used in the wrong way. It is consistent and ever assuming. It knows and it is. That is the greatest part of what love is.It can never blame, nor fear, nor sorrow nor hurt another, for it is the one emotion that is constant and true to the inner heartbeat. Remember that what is to be will come. Let your powerful crystal drops of love flourish and become deep pools of joy and compassion;send them not to one soul, but to many, many.

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