2013-08-08 14.36.19I don’t think I need to say anything else than what is said:

Many are the ways of the soul and many are the seeds which are planted. Friendship is one and the love of a woman for a man or the love of a man for a woman are another. When love is real and untarnished, the two merge into one to contain the aspects of friendship and love, which have been apparent within the soul.At times this can be a merger of great trust and humility, but at other times it can be as restless as a heavy sea with storm clouds thundering above.Neither is less than the other.

Love in any form is always true to itself and can only cancel itself out. It cannot be cancelled out by another or by another’s wish for it to be cancelled out. At times love can wither and seemingly die, but the roots of it are always present within the  experiences of the soul’s aspect.It may be that the kindling may come about through events, which cause it to reignite and reblossom,perhaps in the same life and perhaps in another life.

Never disbelieve the power of love; the power it has to ignite that spark that may be hidden in another.The time is only right when both sparks glow at the same time.Let the flowing love of God and the appearance of the flame appear and let it grow gracefully, piously and without hurry , for to hurry it is to cut it off from its real source – the ultimate spiritual love- the light, which emits from God.

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