The heartbeat of the universe

IMG_2943 (1)Well here I go again. I hope that these small snippets of deep knowledge will inspire you as much as they inspired me. It is with such anticipation I take a pen and just let my hand move across the page and then read back the most beautiful words. I am sure this is in everyone and we are very blessed to be able to access it :

True feelings are part of the soul’s journey to perfection. As the heart beats quicker, the soul strives  further in its path to the higher spheres. The beating of the high heart is in combination with the vibration that is to be reached. Thus the path of truth is realised.

Believe in what you feel and let those feelings be true to yourself. Do not doubt what feels right in your inner heart, but believe it and let the feelings stay there until such time as they may make contact with the reality you find yourself in. Keep a strong , clear channel at all times, for flaws in the heartbeat can come about, but they are only detrimental when not checked. Keep an ear open to the to the heartbeat and let the drumming sound of peace flow into your ears and throughout your being.”I believe, I believe,” you say to yourself.”My belief is so strong, for it can only show good areas in the time ahead.”

Shoulder responsibilities in the now and love, care, trumpet out your joy, but keep the little, soft heartbeat of true exaltation alive.This is where the spiritual quest is strongest and will be achieved if fed with love and devotion. Keep your heart open to heaven and to divine, unconditional love.

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