Blessing the light

Sometimes we look at ourselves as pathetic beings, instead of seeing the greatness within us. It is this inner greatness, which, when it is illuminated,others then become  aware of and are attracted to.
If you imagine lighting a candle at the beginning of the day and bringing its light and purity into yourself, then this may help you to see what happens with the inner light. If it works in an even more obvious way by physically lighting a candle then do so. It will become a ritual or habit and will set you up for the rest of the day. Bless the candle with the thoughts and desires you have for the day ahead and give thanks in the knowledge that everything has already occurred. At the end of the day light another candle and give thanks for all that you have achieved in this day. These achievements need not be anything great, but nonetheless achievements as well as a sense of gratitude and inner satisfaction. that this day has in some way been as perfect as it could be.

Remember to look on the positive, dismiss the negative and carry the feelings of contentment and acceptance with you into sleep, in order to bring light into your life once again on waking the next day.

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