“Some of us are looking at the stars”

As Christmas comes closer and closer and the demands on our purse strings become more and more, I asked for guidance as to how to cope with the dwindling funds and the ever present bills. This is what I received and I will share it with you:

Let the knowledge you hold in your heart break through. The knowledge is that you are always safe if the picture in your mind portrays safety. If the picture in your mind portrays lack and suffering, then that will show itself. In times when many minds are showing the same picture it is even more important to allow your own picture to come forth for viewing. Unless you do this you become caught up in the fear and lack, which the collective consciousness is holding on to.
As in all cases, when the human mind creates disasters after a warning, or indeed after a real disaster, we must elevate our thoughts to a place where we do not add further worry or tension to this way of thinking . It is the mark of the liberated soul to see safety, security and abundance before them instead of the pictures , which the fearful mind will portray.This does not mean that the liberated soul does not hold compassion and love for those who have been struck down.It means that the liberated soul holds their thoughts for them in a higher place.
In the words of the great writer, Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.
Will you be one of the stargazers?

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