DSC00085Joy is the end product of a belief that one is deserving and ready to receive. There are so many ways to access joy, it is not the actual end that is important, but instead the road towards it.

When we learn to let go of the hard edged, judging and critical side of ourselves and drop feelings of fear, lack, anger and negativity we immediately float in the sea of joy that surrounds us. We access a sense of lightness as if floating in the Dead Sea. As soon as we allow ourselves to listen once more to a voice of negativity or fear, we immediately lose the ablity to float with ease. We sink energetically.

If we use  feelings of trust, self worth and anticipation, we can remain in this space at all times, keeping ourselves above the niggling, critical voices that at root are trying to save us from danger, but which sometimes cause us more harm than if we listened to them. Floating in a sea of joy is our birthright.

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