In my life at the moment I am dealing with the 20140621_164617sadness of watching my parents grow older, frailer and less able to manage as the people they once were. Everyday habits are changing and it is so hard to watch them deteriorate in front of me. I asked for guidance as to how to cope with this:

To learn from this it is necessary to access acceptance. Life is as it is. It is a stream of water running into a flowing ocean.Each one of us is a small stream, which runs into the this flowing ocean. We each bring our water to the great volume of water that is consciousness and love. It matters not how great  or how small that stream is, it contains love as its purest form.

When we grow older the streams appear to grow narrower and less water runs through them. This is, in fact, not as it seems from a human perspective, because the stream is now a greater part of the ocean than of the smaller stream.Much of consciousness as we grow closer to the crossing over, is spent in the realms of infinity and thus we see that we should not be sad, but instead be joyful as it is a drying up of a stream (life on this earth), but instead a much greater part of the ocean (infinity and pure love).See your loved ones as shining stars, already present in the heavenly spheres and gently, gently releasing the cords that bind, one by one.

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