Living for Today :January article for Sibyl Magazine

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader
Living for Today
By Alison Strandberg
Time is a commodity we try to capture and to live with, within its limitations. It is not
containable nor is it able to be programmed or decided upon. It cannot be felt nor
hung up to look at. It is not of this world nor any world, as it does not truly exist.
Time is a concept created to allow man to make himself limited. In the eyes of the ancients, life was mostly the
same, day after day, and the distinguishing things were the seasons, day and night. That is natural time or indeed
the ability to understand that all things do not stay the same. That is all. Be mindful of this and know that all
things happen both positively and negatively. There is no point in trying to force time or the flow of time in
events. It is like trying to command the tide. Be patient, do all you can to make the events you wish for to come
about in the most positive way, always remembering that it is the journey towards them, not the final destination
that is the goal and the prize. Live each day for its own beauty and do not discount the day’s importance. Without
one single day we are not the same person. Each day contains great learning, great experience and we must
learn to see all that is brought to us in that space we call a day.
If the fear of lack resides within us, it does not allow either the joy of remaining in the past nor the joy of
anticipating the future. There is no balance and no room to move ahead. It is as if we are in limbo. How do we
move on from this we wonder?
The word “hope” is there like a little flag blowing in the breeze. It attracts your attention all the time and you look
back and look forward and always it is there. Whether you acknowledge it or not is for you to decide, but it is always
there. Hope is always there to save you. Faith
is the place where you recognize the flag and
make sure you have secured it in your field of
being. It is there all the time to be accepted.
Hope is a little further away, but its flag will
always be seen fluttering, attracting your
gaze. What will you choose – hope or faith? Or
will you choose both? In the knowledge that
the flags of hope and faith are always within
your reach, choose to be happy today and
every day.
alistran@gmail.Loch Brittle, Skye

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