The Rocks of Fear:February article for Sibyl Magazine

Soul Messages From Within

The Rocks of Fear

Alison Strandberg

Some years ago I wrote a song I called “The Path of Life”. The song included the words : “The path of life is always clear, but we create the rocks of fear”. It seems the rocks of fear have rolled themselves in front of me. Over the last few weeks challenges have presented themselves to me. It seems I have been forced, by a hand that knows better than I ,to put myself in a place I would have hidden away from previously.

I have followed a rocky path and walked into the challenges facing me. Life has made it clear to me that it is time to clean up and attend to mundane tasks, which, surprisingly, have caused great stirrings of fear inside me. It is as if I have accessed an inner wound I had been hiding from. The wound is revealed now and can no longer be hidden. Exposure, in this case, is healing. In following this path I was guided by the voice within, my greatest friend and ally. These are the words which brought me peace and support.

Being true to yourself is a skill. If you do not allow yourself access to your inner knowing, life can propel you far from your goal in the sea of life. Be aware that doubts can be like huge rocks and can cause you to reroute and spend longer achieving your goal. Be mindful of doubt and let it go. It is only impatience in another form.

There are many mountains ahead of us, but we do not need to climb all of them. Sometimes they are only a reminder that life presents us with challenges and we must accept that they exist. Sometimes the road ahead is very peaceful and it is only the need to see the mountains and to remember our strength to get through, which is important. See them, but do not necessarily act or be troubled by them.

The mountain can also be seen as the challenge overcome. Mountains symbolize closeness to a higher power and the energy of the Universe. You are currently climbing small hills rather than mountains. They are grassy and soft and pleasurable to rest on. The heavy toil of climbing is behind you, so take off the burdens on your back, lie on the grass and breathe in the sweet scent of the flowers and the high air. All is well.”

MorningSeil1_280807Knowing that I am safe, and that all mountains are not insurmountable challenges, has helped me to focus and know that I grow as I climb higher. The path is always towards a greater sense of connection and the higher I climb the closer I am. All is indeed well.

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