Embracing Maturity

Soul Messages from Within

Embracing Maturity

Alison Strandberg

There are some points in our lives when we feel that we have crossed a significant threshold and that life will never be quite the same again. I write of this in a positive way. I have just crossed such a threshold. Age is a difficult subject to write about, as it holds so many emotions within its bosom. I have, however, embraced the crossing of this threshold with a sense of joy. This I did not expect. While contemplating on the the age I am, I feel privileged rather than downhearted. I still have a path to walk, while others of my age group were not able to make it this far. I often think that when I experience something that makes my heart sing, I am experiencing it for them and seeing it through their eyes. Not morbid, but encouraging.

Over the last few weeks I have met up with dear friends I have not seen for a long time. The joy of re -connection has been wonderful and I feel truly blessed by the experience. Within these last weeks I have felt a sense of completion, but completion only in a way where one finishing line has been crossed and we are all off again on the next path towards the next finishing line, still together, changed in some ways, but looking forwards with hope. For some this path will be a path tinged with sorrow, while for others the future will be bright. This is the nature of life always.

I seem to have finally learned to see life without the rose- coloured spectacles and have realised that this is not as bad as I feared. Perhaps the wisdom of the “Crone” years has fallen upon me and given me good guidance. I seem more able to embrace life with a swing in my step.This does not mean that I have no burdens left to carry,. I just seem to be able to cope a little better with the burdens which are in my back pack and can allow myself to rest more often and review them and let them go with more ease. I hope that this contented phase will continue, but, as with all phases in life, we go up and down, backwards and forwards, but learning all the way.

The voice from within has helped me to embrace this new phase in my life. “Do not fear the future nor long for the past. Each day, each hour and each minute is meaningful and filled with experience. Each experience is carried within you and creates who you are in every new step along the way. Cherish this thought when it is hard to let go of the past. Nothing is ever lost nor forgotten, it is all contained in each new step. Walk on with joy.”

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