The Baskets of Joy

SunWoman.jpgAnother sunny day after the rain. Isn’t it strange how a ray of sunshine can completely change the way we view our day. These words felt appropriate today. I hope they resonate with you.

“Love exists in every thought, every feeling and every image, which awakens joy, compassion and a stirring of hope in your heart. Joy is a commodity, which we use so little of. We look at the sorry dishes heaped with pain and sorrow and walk past the baskets of joy with only one item in the basket. We walk past them as we see the overfull dishes of pain and expect this instead of the small bundles of joy.

The heart reads that there is not enough for it and accepts what there is an abundance of. Learn to find joy in all the little things. Do not discount that the greatest joy of your life may emerge from something very small. Be conscious of love wherever you go, in every moment of the day.

Write it down, write down the moments when the heart stirs. Write it all down and these moments will be as the overflowing dishes of pain, but in complete opposition in their beauty and openness. Love is everywhere for you.

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