Peru and the Awakening

20190906_184550It has been some time since I wrote my last blog in August 2019. In September 2019 I travelled to Peru and it changed my life….

In the spring of last year I was asked by a dear friend if I would like to travel with her to Peru to attend an event in the town of Pisac in the Valley of the Incas. The event was called Convergencia Intercultural Mujeres Somos Medicina, ( International Convergence of Women: Together We Are Medicine). I was intrigued and surprised myself by deciding quite quickly that I was going to go. For someone who had never been farther than Europe it was quite a decision.

Despite the amazing pull to travel thousands of miles for a six day event, there were moments of real apprehension at the enormity of what I had signed up for. I had no real knowledge of what I was going to attend other than that we were there to work with the four elements ie fire, water, earth and air and that there would be 13 ancestral grandmothers from different countries with us.

Having been on a spiritual path for many years and having worked as an intuitive therapist for twenty years or so I had dipped into many different areas of spirituality. One of the areas I had always been drawn to, but never fully explored, was shamanism. I had become acquainted with the teachings, weaving some of the teachings into my own work and had experienced sessions with different individuals who had trained in shamanism, but had never found the right person to work with and to learn from. In finding this event I had a deep feeling that the Universe had found me a place within this sphere. Attending a shamanic event in Peru, a country I had been fascinated by since childhood, along with the 13 “grandmothers” from indigenous cultures made me shiver with anticipation…..

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