Peru and the Awakening, Pisac


Leaving Cusco we travelled on to Pisac, a beautiful small town lying in the Valley of the Incas. Pisac is surrounded by the mountains and the scenery is stunning. It is also known as the artisan centre of the area and it certainly is. There is a market area, which is open every day, but the most important market day is Sunday. There was something wonderful about watching whole families together selling their produce of vegetables, fruit, woven goods etc. It was a celebration of family and they arrived very early and stayed until late in the afternoon, catching up on gossip, having a nap from time to time, while the children slept swathed in blankets behind the stalls. Alpacas and baby lambs were everywhere, posing with their owners for photos with the tourists or just being walked by the children. Once again it was the wealth of colour which was astounding. One of my favourite stalls sold pigments, the colours so bright and so enticing I had to buy them to remember the vibrance and the pure life force energy I felt just roaming around the market.

Many of the local people, especially the women, create beautiful woven bands, hats and bags. They have little, but they seem content and their smiles and their warmth is genuine. They are very industrious in their creative ways. One of my favourite memories is of an older woman sitting on the ground at a stall, weaving colourful bands, using her big toe to act as part of a basic loom. Innovation indeed!

I was to spend almost two weeks in Pisac and it will always be a place where part of my heart resides. The next part of my experience was about to begin in this special place -“Convergencia Intercultural Mujeres Somos Medicina”. A meeting of 560 women from 30 different countries and 12 “grandmothers “ from different cultures……

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