Samhain Blessings

Today is Hallowe’en and also Samhain, the beginning of the Celtic New Year. There is also a full moon, a Blue moon in Taurus.. The veil between the worlds is much thinner at this time and we feel the deep connection with the ancestors. This is a day of introspection as well as celebration. Even in these times we can find ways to celebrate and to connect.

This morning I was very lucky to take part in a cacao ceremony on this special day, where we shared a beautiful heart space through preparation of cacao, the nourishment of drinking the cacao together and a deep and moving meditation around loving kindness.

I was inspired to write these words afterwards:

I see love in you

I see fear in you

I see deep sorrow in you

I see anger and frustration in you

I see all that I am in you

And I accept it as mine.

My depths are a part of yours

My shallowness is my fear of your depths

Help me to stay safe in my depths

In order to let you in

So I may love myself even more

Through your depths of love.

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