I Honour You

It has been a while since I last posted. During lockdown I had intentions of writing more blog posts, but for lots of reasons it didn’t happen. I spent a lot of time going inwards, trying to find a safe space as I was unwell and afraid.The fear shifted and through different practices and a lot of deep constellation work, working with my ancestors and learning more about the place shamanism plays in my life, I have found a sense of peace and safety within myself.

These words came to me and I feel I would like to share them. They come from the ancestors’ point of view this time instead of looking back at the ancestors and it surprised me, but made me extremely grateful for the words.

I Honour You

I honour you as you stand with your feet on the earth and feel its sanctuary between your toes.

I honour you as you stand drenched to the skin rejoicing as the rain waters your plants at last.

I honour you as your laughter flows like ripples on the water as you lie being tickled by your mother.

I honour you as you gaze exhausted, trembling and in awe as you look upon the face of your newborn child.

I honour you as the sound of your grief makes the howling of a wolf seem silent beside you, as you watch the last feverish breaths of that same child as she leaves you too soon.

I honour you as the land you and your forefathers worked is stolen from you and you are banished never to stand upon it again.

I honour you when you stand enslaved and in chains for the glory of another man.

I honour you as I hear your cries of fear as battle rages in the background.

I honour you as the last rattle of the breath is heard , before you, like me,return to that earth.

In you I see and hear myself. I hear the song you sing, as beautiful and as meaningful as the song I sang. The song of life and the song we came to make manifest in finding our place on this sacred earth.

I saw what you see, I felt what you feel and I am a seed of what you have planted.

Rest now, beloved, rest in the earth as your breath becomes one with the Great Mother.

I see you. I see your place on this Earth. Your footprints are burned for eternity into its core.

Alison Strandberg

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