Following the Path

It has taken me a few days to write a blog after the turn of the year. I usually want to write something on the first day of the year, but it has taken me a few days to do this. I understand now as we are back in lockdown and it can feel as if the new year offers no more hope than the year we have just left behind.

I usually write down hopes and dreams for the new year, but this year was more about clearing out the past from 2020 before the new year came in.

I did, however, decide to follow one resolution and that is to write something every day no matter how short. I am already feeling that this practice is helping me focus and really follow my dreams for 2021 and never lose hope.

Here is one of the short samples of writing that are keeping me focused. For me this is the voice from within, which contains all those who surround me with their light and their love.

Guide me in the way I know is the path to follow

Guide me when my fear shuts out the voice inside

Guide me when I forget to listen

Guide me when I don’t want to listen

Guide me when I doubt so much that it feels as if my body weighs a ton

Guide me when I know I am going against your wisdom

Love me when I forget to let you guide me

Teach me that love is the same as guidance.

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