This Land is My Land

After deciding to commit to writing one small piece a day I have managed thus far to do this. I write before I sleep and each piece is very short, but can have deep meaning within it. I am very blessed to be able to write like this without thought as to what might appear on the page. It has almost become like a meditation before sleep and I now look forward to it every night.

Here is one of the short pieces, which came about after some deep work within family constellation. It happened to be Burns Night.

This land is my land
This earth is my earth
The power of love, which flows through me
Was made on this land
This land where I live and breathe
Lives too
It carries the laughter, the sorrows, the weeping and the final breaths of all those
Who lived before me to give me life now
This land lives and breathes as I live and breathe
This land they call Scotland

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