The torch of faith

I am writing this at a time when my resources are rather low and it really helped to revisit these wise words. It reminds us  that we  never have to be alone:

However and whatsoever; they are questions which are interminably asked by the human race. They are not always easy to answer and at times the answers are demanded upon without too much thought. We, as guides and teachers of those who ask, love to hear these questions as they allow us to shine our light on the pathways ahead. Sometimes these pathways are myriad and show no sign of breaking away from the whole. Other times they are as a huge, shining colony of light, which propels the asker in a whirlpool of feeling far ahead on the path which is to be travelled and recognized.

Patience is the key to the light shining on the path. As a torch on earth is lit by a battery, so do the celestial powers use their light. If it is working a torch shines its light. When the battery is spent it stops. Man is as a torch; the battery is only operable when rest has been taken and pure intention is accessed. If the torch light is feeble or even spent, then it is due to the tiredness of the battery – as below, so above.We can only shine our light upon you when you have the ability to receive our light. Your battery is known as faith, trust and hope.
We wish your torches to shine on a full beam at all times, not only some of the time. You can and are able to do this, but new batteries are not always available and sometimes we allow the ones we have to run down and give out rather than recharge them. Do not let your batteries burn out.Keep them topped up and ready to shine always, always.The power of thought is a strong battery towards a beautiful, light filled tomorrow.

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