This little light

It is now 2011 and I haven’t written for a little while, as I have been taking care of a damaged elbow, which I now know to be broken. It is not always easy to contain one’s frustrations at a time like this and so I asked for guidance.Within the understanding of why things happen, this guidance has been very helpful. I also take this opportunity to wish anyone who reads this, peace, serenity and joy in this new year:

The light of a candle is always bright in the darkness. Sometimes it will burn brighter and be more obvious and at other times the flame will hardly be visible, but it will still be alight. At present your flame is low and is preserving itself in order to regain energy and to keep itself burning. In allowing the flame to be still and applying an introspective way of looking at life, the flame will gather momentum and grow to be a fuller and more measured light.

Do not perceive this place you are in to be a negative place. The opposite applies.In a place of rest you find knowledge within, which you can act on in future times.There is no shame in going slowly, as sometimes our greatest inspiration comes just then.Be not afraid  for you are watched over with love. He who preserves dignity in adversity, gains serenity.

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