Creative blocks

The words I received in response to a question about being blocked creatively:

You are on a path of many twists and turns and at the moment there is a clear and secure way ahead. When there  are dips and turns, you can stop and get stuck in where you are going and find it almost impossible to move forwards.It can feel as though the oars of your boat are stuck in sludge and too much underwater weed and you propel yourself forward at a very slow pace, if at all. Once free of the obstacles the water is clear and you have a bright and open view ahead.
This is how creativity is; we reach pathways where there is a great deal of weed and we immediately give in and either stay in the same place or get very bogged down in the depths of the weed. We cannot see that the way very close ahead is clear. We always have an open channel and it is we,ourselves, who allow the weeds of fear and doubt to accumulate. Free yourself from the weeds and the road to fulfilIMG_2175ment is right ahead.

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