The Sacred Container, March article for Sibyl Magazine

Soul Messages from Within

The Sacred Container

Alison Strandberg

Over the last weeks I have fallen into the pit again. I expect we all have a pit, which yawns open and swallows us up from time to time. During some periods of one’s life the pit seems to appear more often and, for me, this is one of these times. My personal pit is tied up with my creativity and sometimes, no matter how hard I try to fight it, I fall into the pit of comparing myself with others. I can hear the voices of friends and loved ones telling me that I am very worthwhile and that my work is precious, but it is as if the words get blocked out by some inner darkness. I become fearful and then ready to give up. “Is there really anyone out there who would be interested in my work?” I hear the voice of darkness moan. “What if I were ridiculed for my creative project?” the voice continues and on and on it goes.

Once again the voice from within comes to my rescue and hauls me out of the pit with loving words.

Each person’s knowledge is held in their own sacred container. We all have and are a sacred container. I cannot use your container and you cannot use mine. Knowing this is freeing. The form in your sacred container cannot be changed by another. There is never any necessity to fear nor envy another due to this great knowledge. All is sacred in its own way. We are each a small miracle.

The sacred container is only ever tarnished if we allow fear and envy to discolour the outside of the container. It can always be polished again if there is tarnishing. This is how you are as a soul. A sacred container holds your essence and only the outward shell can be influenced by the darkness of others if your fear and darkness links with theirs. Keep your outer shell clear and shining.”

Encouraged by these wise words I remembered a conversation with a friend, who is a musician. The discussion was around how hard it can be to launch a precious project into the world. One’s precious “baby” may be hurt once it reaches the world by the opinions and words of others. My friend’s way of looking at it was to consider that all creative projects come from a greater place, the place of the collective consciousness, from where all ideas spark. In deciding not to let the creative project out, we are ostensibly taking ownership of something that we have only really been given on loan.

IMG_1853Grateful for these insights I am ready to do some polishing in order to be able to shine.

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