Grace and Mystery, April article for Sibyl Magazine

Grace and Mystery

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader,  Soul Messages From Within

“Grace and Mystery” by Alison Strandberg

From time to time I find help in situations that cause me to feel unsure by drawing a card. Last week I was in a situation where I needed guidance and chose to ask for help. A wise and loving friend drew this card for me and helped me to see exactly where I was at that precise moment.. The words she used relating to the card she had drawn were “the mystery of grace”. The word “mystery” working hand in hand with the word “grace” seemed to illuminate something deep, deep inside me. It was as if I knew all was well, even if I did not know exactly the next step to take. The next step would be the right one, when it happened. There was no longer any need to worry. Grace allowed me to surrender into not knowing, but also knowing that all was well and all would be well. The loving voice within helped me to understand even more.

“The voice of guidance is imbued with the power of grace. Grace is that source of power we cannot describe, but can feel when it flows into our lives. When life becomes confused and uncertain and we feel alone, we ask within for help. We ask for a greater hand than our own to guide us and to allow life to lead us onto solid ground. Grace flows with us and around us at all times, but it is often only when we are stuck or lost that we allow it to enter our daily lives. Grace gives us the incentive to move forward and to take action, but it allows us to wait in complete acceptance that the next step will appear and it will lead us into safety and security.”

These words helped me to see that we do not always know exactly where the next step on the path will be, even if this is what we fear most of all. In not knowing, we are secure, in accepting that grace knows the best way forward and will bring the knowledge of the next movement to us when the time is ripe. Being able to flow with grace and not push things ahead allows us to let go of confusion and desperation. My friend suggested that I see myself bathed in the mystery of grace, floating, supported and accepting that guidance and a new way forward will appear. I see myself on a floating mattress in a sea of grace and mystery and already things are happening in my life. I feel a new sense of structure, a new foundation and a feeling of anticipation bubbling underneath me as I float. Grace and mystery are holding and supporting me.

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