The Gift of Friendship, May article for Sibyl Magazine

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The Gift of Friendship

Alison Strandberg

Friendship can be a gift, but it can also cause your heart to ache. Over the last few weeks I have been aware of the power and depths of friendship in watching friends go through difficulties in their own relationships. When we are children we experience the world through interactions with other children. We fall in and out of friendships, through playground traumas and jealousies, as we flow from one friendship to the other seeking to find ourselves within another. As we mature, we single out a special friend, a friend whom we envisage being there for us all our lives. In some wonderful cases this can happen. At all times friendship teaches us the lessons of love, as we go from the heights of joy and laughter to the depths of loss, frustration and sometimes anger.

Throughout our lives friendships bring so much into our hearts; the laughter and freedom of childhood days, teenage years sharing first love and the traumas this can bring. We share our deepest secrets and we grow in the exchange. We seldom consider that a friendship might end or suddenly disappear. Our expectation of life long friendship is always there and yet we forget that friendship is about giving away a part of yourself.

It is about making yourself vulnerable in order to save that closeness and in some cases it is about being brave and strong enough to know that it is time to let go. A greater hand is leading us and we need to step back for a while and breathe. With time we may come together again, but sometimes we do not. The hand that leads will be guiding each of us towards a path that needs to be walked apart and maybe at some other point on our life path we will meet again and rejoice.

The voice of my guide told me, “ Friendship holds our hearts clear and free and brings the best of us out from within. It enables us to learn about sharing and allows us to experience all emotions within us. It shows us who we are and what we are not and it leads us into the deeper lessons of loving.”

During the last few days I have spent some wonderful moments with old friends, who live far away. Finding the purity and joy within the connection between us has been such a wonderful experience. Age and distance have no power over true friendship and the bond can become stronger even though we are not always in the presence of those we love. Sometimes when we meet with old friends we have not seen for some time, we reconnect with the person we were many years ago and a spark within us , which was only just glowing, bursts into life again. Friends are just that. The light that sparks us into light and life.

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