Navigating Uncharted Waters

Navigating Uncharted Waters

Soul Messages from Within

Alison Strandberg

Recently I have become the author of a book. That sounds very grand and as I reread the sentence it made me feel as if I was writing about someone else. There are moments in one’s life, when it feels just like this,as if the person who is you is another person. I believe that this is the realm of magic and the connection to the real part of you, the soul.

I have held on to my project for a very long time for many reasons, but at last it is out there. I was elated and excited, but after a few days I felt the fear creep in and it tainted that wonderful feeling. It was as if I wanted to pull back the book from the public eye and to guard it from harm. I was unaware that most people who let go of their creative projects feel the same.

My sense of fear and dread made me think that I had allowed my book to set sail into uncharted waters without me at the helm to steer the ship into a safe harbour. Having realised this I could see that this is often what we do in life when we reach stages where we are no longer comfortable. It is as if the chart we have been following has been lost on the ship and we are left to trust the powers of nature and a greater power, which holds us in its capable hands. My question was ; what would happen if I gave up the fear and allowed the source of love to steer the ship with my “beloved baby” on it? Could I allow myself to let go and trust in this power? The answer, after some sleepless nights, was yes!

I realised that every spark of creativity comes from a greater source, a well of knowledge beyond our understanding. We are each a spark of this greater source, which we call by many names and everything we do in life is part of a process of creating – creating in partnership with this great source of love. In knowing this we need never fear, as we will be guided if only we listen. If there is a burning urge to create, then we must listen, for there is a greater power involved, urging us to bring forth that piece of creativity, in order that others may benefit too.

Once I let go I heard the voice say,”Believe in the power that fills us all, the power to be moved, the power to move others. That power is felt in every atom of your being when it is activated. Each of us has the ability within us to make this happen and as we do so we open to the flow and allow others to dare to do the same.”

I know now my “baby” is safe on that ship.


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