Dance Me to the End of Love


I have just read that Leonard Cohen has passed away. I followed the words of this passionate and wise poet and artist from teenage years and beyond. He spoke of love, which to me in my early teenage years, was not always something I fully understood, but the words he chose moved me and lit up my soul. I wanted that sense of passion in my life, no matter whether I understood it or not. His words followed me through each part of my life and illuminated each emotional upset or trauma with the understanding that someone else had been there and knew where I was and what I was feeling.

Having always been a romantic and more aware of the sad side of life, I empathised with the words and felt there was a door or a portal he looked through to come to the depths from where his soul was speaking. It ignited the fire in me to connect with that source – the source of course is love. That source is always present within us whether we know it or not. In those times of deep, deep soul-searching and feeling lost, this presence, which I will call Love, held me and cajoled me to keep going no matter what. It cannot be seen, but oh how it can be felt. The lost soul in the desert of the soul need no longer feel lost, for every grain of sand is calling out that one is loved.

As I dance on on this path, which we call life, I become more and more aware of this loving presence, which is in fact a part of me. I can choose to experience the depths of loss and turmoil, for I know that I will always be safe even when I feel most afraid. As a soul, who is learning from each experience, I do not need to fear any more. On this dance I am always accompanied and by a dance partner who dearly loves me and wants me to learn from each painful experience, in order that we can dance a more joyful and passionate dance.

I know now that the dances will be many along the way; some will be filled with magic and intricate foot work and others will render me almost immoveable, but each dance will be part of my learning and my life experience and I welcome each dance as it teaches me. My dance partner knows the steps and helps me to put my feet forward even when I don’t dare or have lost the will to do so. I need never fear this Dance. My dance partner will never leave me.

The words of encouragement came softly.” Never let the dance make you fearful, for your dance partner is Love. Love will never let you go.”

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