Self -love

It has been a very long time since I wrote a blog post. Life just seemed to take me in other directions, but I never doubted that the need to write would catch up with me again and so here I am. Outside it is raining and a bit grey, but the greyness outside allows me to be inside. This constant need to be “doing, doing, doing” has caught up with me and like a bear I am happy to be at peace today and to shut the door and just be with myself.

I have been experiencing the “stagnation” of autumn instead of realising that it was a hint to me that I needed to withdraw just like the bear and to curl up in my cave and take stock. I don’t intend to be here all winter, but today I am honouring that need. How often we ignore the call of the soul and the inner nudges that tell us exactly what is best for us right now. Today I am listening. Once I have heard my soul speak again the road ahead will be much clearer.

My “scribe” inside me gave me these beautiful words and I will contemplate on them today as I nurture myself.

“The heart knows its place. It does not doubt nor fear. It knows love for it has seen its face. There is such joy in knowing this, as it can be mirrored in so many ways. The heart sees love in all it feels. The eyes see love in all they see. The soul shows love in every moment where Grace is present. Know this. Feel it, see it and be it. Love is all.”

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