The Turning of the Year

20181227_133308.jpgThis eve of the turning of the year is a sacred time. The darkness and the hopes and fears held in these last moments before the bells chime for midnight are precious. What other time of the year do we allow our challenges and our hopes space together in such a deep holding. And the bells chime and we move on and these moments are lost until the next year.

This year has been a challenging one for many, but from challenge comes experience and growth. In my own life I am aware of much growth this year. I have pushed myself beyond my old boundaries in work and have gained so much from doing this. “The Orange Tent” , which began as a vague idea of connecting women, has grown and is still growing, building a community of women connecting and sharing of themselves. Combining my work with family constellations and especially the Mother Line, I see now a thread weaving itself ahead of me.

In my inner work there has been much growth too and I look on the New Year with a sense of joy and hope. My word for the New Year is “Connection” and I feel it deep inside of me. In the fears and challenges of this world we live in, this concept is so important. Connection is another way of expressing love, which is what every year is really about deep down – our ability to incorporate and allow more and more love into our lives no matter what the challenge.

So instead of challenges and hopes at the sacred time before the bells, I will be holding the space for love – love for you and love for me. Love for us all in this slightly chipped, but beautiful word we live in.

I wish you joy and peace in the year ahead.

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