Loving is not always easy

20160512_151543It has been some time since I wrote a blog post, as life seems to have whirled away with me and I haven’t allowed myself the space to go within as much as I would have liked to. I have been taking some time out to look through some of my writing and have been looking at my daily “scribbles”. For years, as part of my daily practice, I have been writing via my inner muse. Every day I am given some information to help me in my day. Often it relates solely to what is going on with me, but at times I am given words that may connect with many. I have decided to start sharing these words. I hope they will connect with you too.

“Loving is not always easy. Loving enough is not always easy. Loving in fear is never easy. Remember, however, that love is enough in itself. Being able to love when fear surrounds demands courage. Loving when it is so painful inside only demonstrates the amount of love available. It will never give up nor give in. Keep on loving and believing. That is what to do.”

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