The Droplet of Love

I  posted a blog post for the first time for a long time last week and I am very touched that the words connected with many people. I am posting some more of the wise words of my muse. Words that have helped me greatly when I have been seeking guidance. I hope they will resonate with you too.

“Inside each fear there is a droplet of love, fully grown and ready to burst out. If you feed the fear the droplet of love becomes smaller, but if you refuse to listen to fear, you allow the energy of love to expand. Each time a fear surfaces remember the droplet of love. It will grow, expand and allow this one droplet to become more and more and within the wink of an eye, fear is in the darkness and love is all around. Try it the next time fear surfaces to make your foundations shake. It is only there to show you the great power you own inside.”


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