Joy is the end product of a belief that one is deserving and ready to receive. There are so many ways to access joy, it is not the actual end that is important, but instead the road towards it. When we learn to let go of the hard edged, judging and critical side of ourselves … More Joy


In my life at the moment I am dealing with the sadness of watching my parents grow older, frailer and less able to manage as the people they once were. Everyday habits are changing and it is so hard to watch them deteriorate in front of me. I asked for guidance as to how to … More Acceptance

Creative blocks

The words I received in response to a question about being blocked creatively: You are on a path of many twists and turns and at the moment there is a clear and secure way ahead. When there  are dips and turns, you can stop and get stuck in where you are going and find it … More Creative blocks

This little light

It is now 2011 and I haven’t written for a little while, as I have been taking care of a damaged elbow, which I now know to be broken. It is not always easy to contain one’s frustrations at a time like this and so I asked for guidance.Within the understanding of why things happen, … More This little light

Blessing the light

Sometimes we look at ourselves as pathetic beings, instead of seeing the greatness within us. It is this inner greatness, which, when it is illuminated,others then become  aware of and are attracted to. If you imagine lighting a candle at the beginning of the day and bringing its light and purity into yourself, then this … More Blessing the light


I don’t think I need to say anything else than what is said: Many are the ways of the soul and many are the seeds which are planted. Friendship is one and the love of a woman for a man or the love of a man for a woman are another. When love is real … More Love

The torch of faith

I am writing this at a time when my resources are rather low and it really helped to revisit these wise words. It reminds us  that we  never have to be alone: However and whatsoever; they are questions which are interminably asked by the human race. They are not always easy to answer and at … More The torch of faith