The Gift of Friendship, May article for Sibyl Magazine

Soul Messages From Within The Gift of Friendship Alison Strandberg Friendship can be a gift, but it can also cause your heart to ache. Over the last few weeks I have been aware of the power and depths of friendship in watching friends go through difficulties in their own relationships. When we are children we … More The Gift of Friendship, May article for Sibyl Magazine

Living for Today :January article for Sibyl Magazine

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader SOUL MESSAGES FROM WITHIN Living for Today By Alison Strandberg Time is a commodity we try to capture and to live with, within its limitations. It is not containable nor is it able to be programmed or decided upon. It cannot be felt nor hung up to look at. … More Living for Today :January article for Sibyl Magazine


Inside each fear there is a droplet of love, fully grown and ready to burst out. If you feed the fear the droplet of love becomes smaller, but if you refuse to listen to fear, you allow the energy of love to respond. Keep this image in your mind. Each time a fear surfaces, remember … More Fear

The ways of love

Where there is love, nothing can break the bond. Where there is faith, love flows. Where there is uncertainty, love gives support. Where there is sadness, love fills the space of loneliness. We are love and will always flow back to that source no matter what happens in our lives. Love yourself enough to know … More The ways of love


There are times in life when the inner call from the heart seems to be more intense. This feeling can be rooted in many things; a longing for change; a longing for spring; a longing for something to be created from a source of inspiration or a longing for someone you hold dear. “Silver light” … More Longing

Being Alive

Being alive is being able to move and use all the vital organs and parts of the body, as well as accessing all the feelings and insights that flood in every day. Being alive is being receptive and grateful for all the blessings flowing to us all the time. Being alive is being present in … More Being Alive


Once again it has been a while since I wrote and it has been due to circumstances beyond my control and relates to issues to do with my health. This message came to help me to understand why I had gone through what I had gone through: Transformation comes in many unexpected ways. Deep inside … More Resistance